POPULATION 80 million
CURRENCY Turkish Lira

Truly mesmerizing and located at the crossways of Asia and Europe, Turkey fusions with the ancient and the modern traditions. The Bosporus intersects as the only city in the world that stands on two continents. A vastly diverse country with its own traditions, festivities, outfits and characteristics, Turkey’s cusps is a relationship established between Europe and Asia, having an opulent and extensive history that was observed by major political supremacies competing for this stunning country. You can find Mosques adjacent to Churches, Roman auditoria neighboring Hittite towns, and in the region of Aegean you will observe white marble ruins where the Greeks, Persians, Romans have all carved their credo on this antediluvian land. Istanbul stands tall as the foremost destination for tourist. This ostentatious old conurbation was originated in the Roman monarch Constantine and was the capital of the Byzantine Kingdom for a thousand years. Istanbul is a utopia for shopaholics, foodies, and for entertainment seekers offer a pulsating experience. The city also offers a multitude of attractions such as the Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

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