POPULATION 24 million
LANGUAGE Mandarin; Hokkien; Hakka
CURRENCY Taiwan Dollar

Taiwanese Muslims are descendants of the Chinese Muslims is believed to have set foot in the 17th century when few Muslim families from the southern coastal province of Fujian accompanied Koxinga on his invasion of Taiwan to oust the Dutch from the southern city of Tainan and established Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan. Their descendants however became assimilated into Taiwanese society and adopted the local customs and religions. The second wave of Muslim migrants occurred between 1949 and 1951 due to the Chinese Civil War when Muslim families fled mainland China with the Nationalist Government to Taiwan. The third wave of Muslim migrants occurred in the 1980s when Muslims from Myanmar and Thailand entered Taiwan in search of quality of life. The fourth wave of Muslims today are recent converts, mostly women, who have are married to mainland Muslims.

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