POPULATION 47 million

Formerly a Muslim nation with a history spanning nine centuries. Following the collapse of the Caliphate, Islam progressively diminished with the controlling by the Christian Reconquista which succeeded in defeating and conquering the Muslim states of the Iberian Peninsula. A recent trend in immigration witnessed a renaissance of Islam as well as reception towards mixed marriages. Reverts to Islam has been ascending in Andalusia particularly Granada, due to its historical Islamic autonomy. Ibn Battuta returned to Tangiers and sought to see his Mother’s grave. After Three months, he resolved to participate in frontier fighting of the Holy war focusing on the claiming Al- Andulus (Andulusia). On leaving Tangiers, he entered Rundah (Ronda) which is also said as one of the strongest and best visited Muslim fortresses. After spending Five days, he decided to duty call in Marbalah (Marbella) which is said as a pretty little town. On seeing a troop marching to Malaqah (Malaga), he joined his commander and on entering the city he reiterates as one of the finest cities blessed with abundant resources. Having travelled across the region of Andulus, Ibn Battuta entered the city of Gharnatah (Granada) and accepted as the bride of the cities surrounded by Orchards, Gardens, Meadows, Palaces and Vineyards. Ibn Juzayy remarks,” if I were not afraid of being charged with excessive local patriotism, I would try to describe Granada, since I have the opportunity. Such is the fame that there is no sense in speaking at length about it”.

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