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A rocky desert of the Northern Arabian Peninsula, Jordan is a hidden treasure in Western Asia. The capital of Jordan, Amman is a famous city attracted by travelers from around the world. It’s also country’s country's economic, political and cultural centre. Jordan is gifted with natural reserves, ancient monuments, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300 B.C. set in a narrow valley with tombs and is home to the famed archaeological site of Petra.

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Jordan, an exquisite holiday for the Halal traveler

Jordan, an exquisite holiday for the Halal traveler

Jordan makes an excellent destination for the Muslim traveler for so many reasons apart from its rich history of Islam. It was the first country to spread Island outside the Arabian Peninsula and holds a plethora of holy sites that might take the attention of the Halal traveler. From stunning attractions to Halal-friendly and family-friendly amenities, World heritage sites to exciting desert landscapes, Jordan is a promising land for the solo traveler as well for those who are hoping to travel with the entire family.

A haven of explorations and rich historic sites

A haven of explorations and rich historic sites

No visit to Jordan is complete without visiting the ancient city of Petra housing palaces, tombs, temples and stables the soft stone cliffs. It’s recognized as a World Heritage Site which is worth visiting and you must take at least two days to explore the entire city. Citadel settled in the highest hill in Amman is another historical site that you ought to explore surrounded by a 1700m long rebuilt and the highlight of Citadel is the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace. For those of you who’d like to step in to the wild side of Jordan, you can head over to the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve that was established to reintroduce wildlife and is home to the endangered Arabian oryx, Persian onagers (wild ass), Dorcas gazelles and houbara bustards. A legendary monument in Petra is the majestic Monastery that’s a must-visit man made phenomenon and some of the other attractions of Jordan include the high place of sacrifice, Dana Biosphere Reserve, Siq the ancient city and Urn Tomb. But the highlight of all would be Jordan Rift Valley reaching the Dead Sea also receiving a number of incoming rivers, including the River Jordan.

Epicurean Journeys in Jordan

Epicurean Journeys in Jordan

Apart from the abundant culture and history, Jordan boasts of amazing cuisine and it’s a big part of their culture as well just like any other Middle Eastern country. As it’s a Muslim majority country, you will not have an issue looking for Halal-friendly cafes and restaurants. Some of the major restaurants serving Halal food in Jordan are Bourj Al Hamam serving Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, Nasim serving Arabic food, Fakhreldin Restaurant serving excellent Lebanese food and Habibah Sweets to try out some Jordanian delights.

Exquisite religious sites and Mosques

Exquisite religious sites and Mosques

The countries mosques are open to all travelers alike with their openness in culture and its respect to all religions. The blue-domed King Abdullah I Mosque in Amman is a must-visit mosque in Jordan that has separate areas for men and women. Some of the other mosques include King Hussein Ben Talal Masjid in Amman, University of Jordan Mosque in Amman and Masjid Ahl Al Kahf Mosque.

Shopping in Jordan

Shopping in Jordan

A street shopping paradise is at Al Balad which is a flamboyant street market where you’re able to purchase sweets, spices and apparels. One of the best shopping malls in Jordan is the Mecca Mall with high end clothing stores, book shops, grocery stores and pharmacies. Rainbow Street, Souk Jara selling arts and crafts, Wadi Rum Visitor Centre and Taj Mall are amongst the other shopping places you ought to go all out to take back some gifts and souvenirs back home. From incredible food to some delicious Halal-friendly cuisine, Jordan is a must-visit destination by all travelers alike.

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