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Japan is a world of its own with unique culture, traditions and stunning places to explore which is located in North East Asia and Tokyo as its national capital. The country has managed to embrace the modern life whilst safeguarding the ancient traditions offering a matchless experience for the avid traveler. Japan offers a plethora of experiences such as delicious food, mountains with hot springs, ancient shrines and the lively night life.

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Japan, A rising destination for the Muslim Travelers

Japan, A rising destination for the Muslim Travelers

Japan, a nation enriched with rich culture and heritage, delectable cuisine, tourist attractions and budget-friendly accommodation has increasingly become a Muslim-friendly country in the recent past. With its rise in the in the Halal-certified restaurants, greater access to prayer facilities and it’s obvious natural beauty the Muslim travelers feel welcomed in this emerging Muslim-friendly destination. If you’re still having doubts, read on further to find out how and why Japan is a must-visit county for the Muslim travelers.

Landscapes and natural wonders

Landscapes and natural wonders

Lake Kawaguchi & Mount Fuji are two of the most iconic wonders of Japan. Lake Kawaguchi is the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes in terms of surface area located in the border of the towns of Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu in southern Yamanashi Region. Mount Fuji on the other hand is a work of art which is an active volcano that last erupted years back and also the tallest peak in the country. This iconic heritage is often visited by sightseers and climbers. Another laid-back destination is Okinawa and the Southwest Island with pristine waters, soft sandy beaches plus the bustling city full of life and shopping malls making it the perfect place to unwind as well Arashiyama which is a lush bamboo forest showcasing a host of monkeys and so many other places such as the Osaka Castle, Tokyo Skytree and Kyoto.

Local cuisine and Halal food

Local cuisine and Halal food

The streets will be buzzing with street food joints specifically in Tokyo where you get food stalls at department stores and stalls that offer free tasters. Apart from the noodle bars in every nook and corner you also get freshly made Sushi as the country is surrounded by the ocean and some of the local favourites namely Ramen, Japanese curry, Okonomiyaki and Yakitori. What’s great is that you get some Halal restaurants at the airport as well which is quite welcoming for the Muslim community.

Prayer facilities

Prayer facilities

Muslim friendly accommodation, a countless number of mosques and amenities are easily accessible in Japan with the rise of the Muslim travelers visiting the country. Since the travel industry has also made it easier with many online platforms offering information, it will be much easier for the Muslim traveler to get hold of these facilities.

Shopaholic’s Paradise

Shopaholic’s Paradise

When it comes to shopping, I’d say it’s a shopaholic’s paradise as there are a crazy amount of malls and shopping complex all around the country. Ginza is the shopping area in the heart of the capital, Tokyo and Umeda, the biggest shopping area in Osaka. You also get Minato Mirai in Yokohama, Hakaka in Fukuoka and many other shopping area’s specifically in Tokyo. The list goes on when it comes to why Japan may be recognised as one of the Muslim-friendly nations in the world. From places to visit to culinary adventures and things to do are endless. So calling all the Muslim travelers to give it a go when planning your next holiday destination.

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