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Croatia was occupied since the Paleolithic age and arrived in the territory in the 6th century. Currently the country has a population of 4.28 million inhabitants whilst the majority are Roman Catholics. Its capital Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia and the country is your Mediterranean dream come true with its stunning coastline and white sandy beaches whilst a plethora of water based activities are on offer for those who are looking for adventures in the sun, sand and sea.

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Croatia, an emerging tourist destination for the Muslim traveler

Croatia, an emerging tourist destination for the Muslim traveler

Croatia should definitely be on your list of must-visit destinations and this includes the Halal traveler as well as it is abundant with rich history and awe-inspiring islands. The country has become incredibly stable and the locals are warm and helpful making it even easier to travel around the country. The country holds a reputation in Islamic history especially the period of Ottoman rule between the 15th and 19th centuries. There are plenty of places to worship, to explore and dine around for the Halal traveler. Read on to find out more on what’s in store for the Muslim Traveler in the beautiful Croatia.

Bustling cities and Historical sites

Bustling cities and Historical sites

A slow paced city for the travelers who love some time exploring would be Pula in the county of Istria which has some great places indulge in some Halal food and the local are thoughtful in offering help and also adhering to Islamic dietary constraints. You also get a mosque in Pula that holds five daily prayers which is very convenient. The cultural city in the Croatia is Zagreb offering contemporary yet a laid-back setup that has an abundance of Art and Craft pavilions, Museums and galleries. From Zagreb to Zagorje you can pay a visit to the Veliki Tabor and Trakošćan castles, then Dubrovnik which houses monuments and museums under UNESCO patronage or you can voyage along the Croatian coastline to partake in many adventurous activities such as kayaking, swimming, skiing and cycling. You can head over to the many open-air markets to purchase local handcrafts and handcrafts to take back home.

Hassle-free Halal Food and Lodging

Hassle-free Halal Food and Lodging

Croatia is a convenient place when it comes to halal certified food as there are over 46 producers across the country with the halal certification also including international food producers. You get plenty of accommodation options that are Muslim-friendly hotels with halal-certified for food and beverage, room service, and prayer facilities. Since Zagreb has a higher volume of Muslims compared to other parts of the country you get hotels such as Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, the Westin Zagreb, and the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel in the city of Zagreb.

Islamic Centres and places of worship

Islamic Centres and places of worship

The Muslim population in Croatia is 1.5% of the population and therefore you get a number of mosques and Islamic Centres in the country. Zagreb holds the largest mosque in the whole of Europe and a number of other mosques are available in Zagreb, Rijkea and Gunja. There’s almost 26 places of worship for the Muslims including four main mosques. With an abundance of cultural value, lots of sunshine and places to visit, why not make it a part of your holiday itinerary in your next vacation?

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