POPULATION 3.5 million
CAPITAL Sarajevo
LANGUAGE Bosnian; Serbian; Croatian
CURRENCY Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible Mark

Following the sovereign of the Ottoman Empire between 15th & 16th centuries in the Balkan, Islam became the most widespread religion. Bosnia & Herzegovina remained a state under the Ottoman Empire and gained dominance following the Bosnian revolution in 1831.

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Food Considerations

Food Considerations

This region of the world is hard for vegetarian travelers. They are meat-heavy cultures and with so little English spoken, it can be hard to communicate dietary restrictions. But the fresh food at markets is easy to acquire. I always carried an apple in my bag to stave off hunger. Plan on eating a lot of spinach and cheese bureks—they’re vegetarian and make a tasty lunch (especially with plain yogurt!). I wrote a bit about what it’s like to be a vegetarian traveler in Bosnia. You must learn “I’m vegetarian and I do not eat meat” in Bosnian. You will need it. Also, consider these food safety principles when picking where to eat.

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