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Top highlights of Seychelles
Mon, Apr 06, 2020

Top highlights of Seychelles

What’s not to love about the Seychelles as the archipelago is gifted with crystal clear ocean, boulder-dotted coastlines and some exquisite resorts. It is located in the East coast of Kenya with an abundance of marine life and made up 115 corals and granite islands. It truly is a paradise for the avid traveler and as for the Halal Traveler, there’s plenty of Muslim-friendly hotels, resorts and guesthouses in the islands whilst offering conveniences to make travel easier. Explore more to find out some of the exciting places you ought to visit during your holiday to the Seychelles,

1.        Victoria Market

@seychellesdiariesPhoto Credits @seychellesdiaries

It’s the perfect place to get the real taste of what it’s like to live the island life as the Victoria Market which is also known as the Sir Selwyn- Selwyn Clarke Market offer stalls selling all things local. A trip to Victoria would not be complete without a visit to the bustling market with stalls selling local produce, boutiques selling memorabilia’s, scented oils, local art and sarongs to name a few.  It truly gives an essence of Seychellois life and there’s quite a bit of Muslim-friendly stays in Victoria which are also close to islands that has mosques for prayers.


2.       Cousin Island

@karolantoniesPhoto Credits @karolantonies

You get the perfect blend of the rustic forests, lush mangroves, fresh water swamps and gorgeous beaches in Cousin Island. It is one of the eco-friendly islands in the archipelago and in the world which became the first sea and island reserve in the Indian Ocean. It’s an ideal island to enjoy the waters, long strolls and explore the local wildlife. You will get to witness plenty of birds such as the sunbirds, fairy terns, giant tortoise and Lizards. If you’re staying in a nearby island, Cousin Island is the ideal place to visit with the family and enjoy uninterrupted family time.

3.  Praslin Island

@sanaapatelPhoto Credits @sanaapatel

Praslin Island is one of the most traveled islands in Seychelles and considered to be one of the best destinations in the world. It is surrounded by bright green waters, lush tropical jungles and has some exotic resorts with Halal-friendly amenities from intimate resorts to affordable hotels. Cycling in the island would be the best way to explore the local life and most of the hotels rent out bicycles free of charge. Anse Lazio beach is a must-visit destination, a heaven for those who crave the ocean and perfect to watch the sunsets. You can go on a little fishing trip, try out some golfing overlooking the ocean, snorkel or enjoy a BBQ on the beach.

4.       Mahé Island

@feliciakervefeltPhoto Credits @feliciakervefelt

With granite peaks framed beaches, abundant coconut plantations, empty beaches and lush resorts Mahé is eye candy for the avid traveler. It’s a great destination to go island hopping with Praslin and La Digue Islands neighboring the island so that you can spend some time on these islands as well. There are some amazing excursions offered by adventure companies such as rock climbing, kayaking and scuba diving. You also get Morne Seychellois National Park where you can partake in many outdoor activities and witness some of the best views over the island.

5.       The Coco de Mer

@feliciakervefelt2Photo Credits @feliciakervefelt

The legendary Coco de Mer is a must-witness in the stunning Seychelles and its sitting majestically at the Vallee De Mai Reserve in Praslin. Vallee De Mai Reserve is also known as the Garden of Eden and there’s plenty of tours around Praslin to explore this rare nut that has a shape of a female bottom which is also infamously known as the naughty nut. You will learn the many myths and legends revolving around the Coco de Mer if you pay a visit to the reserve. It is also an iconic souvenir which many tourists take home from the Seychelles which are available in all licensed gift stores in uptown Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

6.       The giant Aldabra tortoises

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Aldabra the Giant Tortoise can be found in island Curieuse which is a tiny granite island that’s also a national park home to more than 300 of this the rare species. You get the tiny baby hatchlings in the nursery to 80-120 year old reptiles freely roaming in the island. You can pay a visit to this island with a guide who’ll take you through the farms and around the island. The kids are going to love this as they get to witness these gentle creatures up-close and personal.


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